Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Still more Kickstarter stuff

Bookmark design
Fancy bookmarks. People seem to like them. Roni Loren recently asked her readers about promotional swag, and the answers were very interesting. I will be printing up a set of bookmarks to give away to my Kickstarter backers -- this is the current design, but it's probably going to be replaced once I have the cover artwork. Or maybe I'll print two bookmarks. 

I'll admit, I'm the sort of person who uses store receipts and other scraps for bookmarks. Anything with a tassel on it seems to suffer... an unfortunate demise, in this house... glares at cats.

I hope my Kickstarter project will be live by the end of the week. It will run for four weeks. I hope to raise $3,500.

And I will need to promote it! Are you looking for a guest blogger? Somebody to interview? I will gladly do that in exchange for a chance to plug my Kickstarter project while it is running. I can blog about writing, or about Kickstarter projects, or anything about Disciple, Part I that you'd like to know.

Email me: blankenship-dot-louise, at gmail.

And no, blogging this week will not follow the usual schedule.

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