Friday, June 22, 2012

Book trailer -- first draft

(deep breath) Well, that was different.

An introductory movie is pretty much required for Kickstarter projects, so I put together a little (one-minute) trailer for Disciple, Part I. Now I'm glad of the money I spent some years back on a community college class that taught me the basic theory of multi-layer composition and basic animation. Luckily, I got AfterEffects as part of my Adobe Creative Suite package. And I know where to find decent, free, stock photos.

After staring at it for -- seventeen hours? -- I've decided it's over-wrought, corny, and probably too rushed. I'm also the wrong person to crit it right now. So, for your weekend blogging pleasure, a book trailer to crit. I know what I think is a problem -- what do you think?

Now for the part of the video where I sit in front of the camera and try to sound like I know what I'm doing. This should be hilarious...

Compare to the second draft!


Anonymous said...

I like the beginning (though, er, it looks like there's a con trail over your snowy mountains?)

Things I would probably tinker with:

*more sound overall (I had to turn my sound up a lot before I even heard most of the background bits)

*fewer gasps (just one of that first gasp would carry your point, and then go on the panting; by the third one you're reaching the "mock the horror movie" stage)

*more fade or rolling effect on the text; as it is the lines that appear are kind of stark, which messes with the flow.

*what is the thing in the hand that lights the candle? It's in the wrong place for a match, & I expected the fingers to get singed.

*the balance of realism to clip-art style images is a bit weird

Good luck with the madness! :)

Bluestocking said...

Ditto on the gasps and text effects. Maybe even use the same font you use in the title logo to tie it all together and augment the medieval setting a bit more.

I'm excited to see how it comes together. Things are really moving!

L. Blankenship said...

Hmm -- the sound comes through kinda loud for me. Is everyone having trouble hearing it?

Ellis Bergstresser said...

I like the idea of having the text match the title logo font, and I agree that there are too many gasps.

I think the text should be in a larger point font. The words you've created are what you are selling - make them stand out.

This trailer makes no overt reference to your speculative element. And the spark charm you've included - as Ann points out - isn't clear to someone who hasn't read the book (I didn't even think of that fact until I saw her comment, though).

Maybe you could alter your text so that when you say she can heal frostbite you make clear that she uses magic to do it. You could even have the word "magic" appear simultaneously with the snap of the spark charm, to strengthen that connection. (Snap! Spark! Magic!)

This process is fascinating. I'm glad you're letting us look over your shoulder while you do it.

L. Blankenship said...

LOL, yeah, the things you forget when you're focused... "BTW, this is a fantasy story."

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