Friday, June 8, 2012

Homework addendum

One more.

Debra Doyle, Ph.D.
I was recently reminded that Dr. Doyle offers freelance editorial services at a rate of $1,000 for an 80-100k novel -- which is competitive. Rates for shorter or longer novels are negotiable, and she has a short story/first chapter only rate also.

She needs no vouchsafe from Absolute Write, for me, because she's one of the instructors at the Viable Paradise workshop that I attended in October 2011. I would gladly sell the car and hitchhike to Martha's Vinyard to sit at her feet for another week.

The deadline to apply for VP 2012 is coming up fast -- June 15th -- so if you've been thinking about submitting GO FOR IT. If you don't have anything ready START PREPPING FOR NEXT YEAR.

See the rest of my self-publishing homework here.

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