Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No predictions, no "best of"

There's plenty of other places to get best-of-this-year lists and predictions for next year. Meanwhile, I'm getting down to business:

Yup, here we go. I feel like I have talked myself blue in the face about this, and now it's finally starting.   This blog will be on the quiet side in January, since I will be blog touring and posting over at Disciple of the Fount. Maybe one post a week, here. We'll see.

Pre-order Disciple, Part II, pick up a bundle of both parts, get in on the "Prologue to Disciple" (yeah, it needs a title) that I'm starting to write. See the final book trailer! It's better than the trailer for Part I; I learned many lessons from that.

Happy New Year! 
I'm not an optimistic person by nature, but this is bound to be an interesting year. The second anniversary of this blog will come in February. I want to publish at least two more parts of Disciple. The Storybundle.com deal has turned out well, thus far. Maybe I'll even get back to writing science fiction at some point.

And I'll be cheering everyone on, in the writing blogosphere. I know I'm not the loudest person when I do that, but I'm with you.

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