Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creative services for self-publishers

I have been a graphic designer, desktop publisher, and prepress tech for upwards of 15 years now. Before that, I was a professional proofreader. I work as a freelancer under the business name The Cabil, and I'd like to offer my services to my fellow self-publishers. Namely: graphic design, Photoshop wizardry, ebook conversions, and proofreading/line editing.

Technical jargon: I work in Adobe Creative Suite 5, Mac-based. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. I'm familiar with cross-platform challenges. I speak fluent printer-ese: resolution, bleeds, separations, bump plates, page creep, etc. I've done folders, envelopes, and brochures that fold every which way. Need gloss plates or custom dies? No problem.

But you probably aren't in the market for any of that. If you need advice on it, feel free to ask. I am also glad to advise on how to buy stock photographs/artwork from major sites.

Art and rights: I work with existing images, modifying them in Photoshop or Illustrator. I'm not a painter or a sketch artist, sorry. All of the samples you see below were created from stock photographs or art which I commissioned. The only rights to my freelance work that I reserve is: to display the work in my portfolio, in order to gain further employment. If you bring me images to alter, you must own the rights to them. Choose carefully when buying from stock photography sites -- I can help with that. I am not getting involved in copyright infringement fights.

Contact me: send an email to carla at cabil dot com. This email is ONLY for freelance inquiries.

The Cabil Creative Services

Service includes: purchasing up to 2 stock pictures, modification, design of the title logo (which I will give you a separate file of, on request,) and a reasonable number of editing and feedback cycles.
Ebook covers: $100. Final file will be suitable for use in ebooks and for online promotions.
Print book covers: $300. Final file will be suitable for commercial printing, prepared to the specifications of your printer. Includes spine and back cover.
Heavy Photoshop manipulations: If your ambitions would require a significant amount of time, we will work out a surcharge before agreeing to the price of the job.

Tour buttons or banners
Service includes: creating web banners or buttons from existing book covers or other customer-supplied art. Discounts for multiple items.
Static: $15
Animated: $30

Business cards and bookmarks
Service includes: creating business cards or bookmarks from existing book covers or other customer-supplied art. Artwork should be of printable quality -- I won't be responsible for the printing quality of low resolution artwork.
Printer-ready files: $30

Service includes: converting your sketch into a high-resolution vector drawing in Illustrator. Up to three rounds of revisions.
Printer and ebook-ready files: $100

eBook conversions
Service includes: conversion of a text file to either MOBI and EPUB via HTML markup or preparation for Smashwords' Meatgrinder. Pick one. Cover art and any interior artwork provided by the customer.
up to 40k words: $50
40 to 70k words: $75
70 to 100k words: $100
100 to 130k words: $125 Need to go larger? Ask.

Print book layouts
Service includes: Interior layout of your book in Adobe InDesign -- the cover is a separate item, see above -- and up to three rounds of revisions. Any interior artwork is provided by the customer. Customer will receive a print-ready PDF prepared to the printer's specifications. Word count below includes any introductions, appendices, glossaries, etc.
up to 40k words: $100
40 to 70k words: $125
70 to 100k words: $150
100 to 130k words: $175 Need to go larger? Ask.

Service includes: Checking punctuation, spelling, and basic grammar ONLY. Your file will be returned as a .doc with tracked changes.
up to 40k words: $100
40 to 70k words: $175
70 to 100k words: $250
100 to 130k words: $325 Need to go larger? Ask.

Copy editing
Service includes: Proofreading as listed above, plus: repetition, term consistency, sentence structure, voice consistency, and continuity. I will pester you about hats that appear and disappear, the black horse that turned into a bay, etc.
up to 40k words: $125
40 to 70k words: $200
70 to 100k words: $275
100 to 130k words: $350 Need to go larger? Ask.

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