Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Taking a... vacation?

Is that what it's called? I haven't taken much time off, in the last three years. Long story.

I finished a second draft of Disciple, Part V, and a first draft of Disciple, Part VI. So Disciple is done. It's currently clocking in at a total of 370k -- but I'm an under-writer, so that may grow a bit more by the final draft.

Up next:

Pimping for Part II. The Kickstarter campaign will be your chance to pre-order Part II and also get in on the Prologue offer... I wrote one, you see, back when I was getting settled into the Saints of War universe (that's what I call this fantasy world.) It was set before my main characters met each other, and it was a chance to feel out the magic system, their personalities, things like that. Much of the magic is inaccurate, now, but there are some important personal moments in there.

I offered the Prologue as a bonus gift, when I ran the Kickstarter campaign for Part I. Since I did get some pledges at that level, I'm committed to rewriting the Prologue and publishing it for only the Kickstarter pledgers by November 2013.

If you're interested, you can get in on that starting January 1st, over at Kickstarter.com.

I will be back after Christmas. Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy holiday season...


Liz said...

Happy vacation.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Six parts? Whoa!
Have a great Christmas.

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