Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book trailer: Disciple, Part II

Yup, I'm doing it again. I've tried to apply the lessons learned from the trailer for Part I:
  • Keep it short
  • Minimalism is fine
  • Sound effects aren't needed
  • Videos need critting too
So, all thoughts on this are welcome. Especially if you have not read Part I yet.

Saturday, drop on by Disciple of the Fount for the official cover reveal for Part II! Plus, I have some exciting news about Part I...


Bluestocking said...

I thought this was pretty clean. The pans of the two paintings in the middle (of warfare and the landscape for exiling Kate to a small village) were a little fast--had trouble focusing on the details of them and then we moved on. I also thought we need to stay on that last frame with details about the books etc for much longer. I didn't have a chance to read the whole thing before the still disappeared with the video player prompting me to replay. Best of luck with this!

L. Blankenship said...

Thanks! I'll try to slow those two down some more.

When QT plays it, the last frame just holds... I'll have to see what KS's player does.

Charity Bradford said...

I agree with Bluestocking on the timing, but love the music you chose.

*grin* So exciting!

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