Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cutting room floor

I'm nearly finished with the second draft of Course Corrections and moving on to Orbital Shifts.

My cutting room floor is splattered with red ink to fix:
  • "s/he nodded" and other twitches involving sitting, standing, and turning around.
  • added smells, sounds and other senses where I could. I forget to do an "establishing shot" sometimes, though my betas like the ones I do remember. 
  • a good handful of "agreed," "replied", "wondered" and such dialogue tags. Also, "answered" though I left some of those where the connection might be unclear. I've gotten better about tags, but still need to keep an eye on them.
  • "was (verb)ing" turned into "(verb)ed."
  • changed a minor character's name to avoid confusion with a major character.
  • rebroke paragraphs to separate action from dialogue it wasn't directly related to.
  • fixed some terms and details that evolved over the course of two books.
  • tried to separate out dialogue styles into three main groups: booters, planet-siders and the Russians (who were all booters.)
  • cut a short, awkward scene that could be turned into one sentence of summary.

I added one scene at the front and completely re-wrote one at the end. But overall, this was neither traumatic nor horrible. When I finish I'm going to do a few manuscript-wide searches for some of my knee-jerk words: perked, grimaced, poker face, "..." (think cut those down to size, but just to check) and phrases like "set her mouth in a line."

Course Corrections may need an epilogue, technically, but... not feeling one right now. Orbital Shifts starts fairly soon after the end of this, so there isn't a lot to cover between the two.

Huge shout out to all my VP feedbackers for their help -- and even more to the two betas who read this before I workshopped it. Brian and Kristen, rock on.  

I'm not NaNo-ing, though I really thought about it this year. I'm rolling with revisions and I don't want to interrupt the energy. But I will be cheering you all from the sidelines!


Bluestocking said...

I'm glad this has been such a productive time for you! Happy revising.

The Golden Eagle said...

Good luck with your revisions! :)

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