Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Cave of Solitude

I am still revising Orbital Shifts and I've withdrawn into my cave. I'm not as sure what this story needs, since I have far less feedback on it -- my betas had busy summers. I will need to think. Brood in my cave. Brooding is not so good for blogging, though, so this post is just a place-holder.

I will be guest blogging at the dojo on Thursday, though. Ali wanted something about Viable Paradise. The one-month anniversary of the workshop is tomorrow and it has been on my mind a lot recently. Mostly that bit of wisdom we received: do not stab yourself in the face. I think I've got some bloodstains on my shirt already. My VPeeps will understand...

I'll finish this revision pass on OS so I can clean up what I can, and then get to work on Part II of Piglet. Bits and pieces of that have been turning up, particularly the big, dramatic crux.

For all the NaNo-ers, I wanted to write a cheerleading post for you but a cave is no place for cheerleaders. Low ceilings, slippery moss... someone could break their neck. Plus, trying to Google photos of sexy female and male cheerleaders is an exercise in frustration. The internet has failed me.

But I did find this, which I like because it's true:

1 comment:

David Powers King said...

That picture is classic. I need a cave. :)

I'm about to hit a revision, too. Best of luck to us both.

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