Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Character Conversation: Prince Kiefan Weissberg

It's been a while since I've written up a chat with one of my characters, and for some reason Kiefan didn't get his turn in the spotlight. You can find conversations with Kate and Anders under the "character development" tag.

Kiefan von Weissberg is the sole heir to the throne of Wodenberg, my little fantasy kingdom. As such, he's been saddled with a great deal of responsibility and pressure to succeed, but at the same time he's been sheltered because his father is a bit obsessed with not having to bury a third son. Now that he's eighteen and there's a war on the way, the sheltering is starting to chafe.

Found this pretty thing somewhere and
adjusted his coloration in Photoshop. 
Wanted to use Chris Hemstreet as a ref 
for Kiefan, but he's really too old for it.
This captures the pensive side of
the prince well.
Last night, you mostly talked me into letting you secretly enter the jousting tournament. What's your reason for this?

When Father squired me to Dame Aleksandra (knight and captain of the King's Guard), I was angry at first. Insulted. What could a woman teach me of the sword?

I'm sure a few ass-beatings from her fixed that.

She proved herself. Father's approval was not enough -- I needed to see Dame Aleks' worth for myself. It's the same for all the knights of Wodenberg. Father's taught me to lead, pushed me to, marked me as worthy, but the men need to see it for themselves.

You could ruin the whole tournament, if the king finds out that's you under the helmet. He'd call it all off. 

I'd best not be caught, then. Dame Aleks is with me on this, and a few other conspirators. Perhaps even the saints.

You're such a boy scout, though, even in trying to rebel you're... predictable. The readers are going to spot you a mile off.

How would the world be improved if we were all dissolute as Anders? And if I'm spotted a mile off, it's a good distraction for some other twist, isn't it?

Speaking of Anders, there are a host of problems with you two facing off in the tournament. 

And yet that's the crux of it, isn't it? How do I measure up to the best in the kingdom? I must cross swords with him if I'm to have the answer. He'd best be ready for me -- too quick a fight would disappoint the crowd.

The touch of cavalier attitude and letting Kiefan's stubborn streak show a bit were what talked me into this change in plans. Plus, it will raise the tension of the tournament scene more than having Anders face some nameless opponent -- there's no life on the line, but this first face-off will lay the groundwork for all the future conflicts between Anders and Kiefan. 

It's going to be a tricky scene. And I'm not sure what the twist is, yet. 

Also, I re-read my earlier Character Conversations with Kate and Anders and noticed how the style of the dialogue kept shifting. I think this one is closer to the style I've settled on... mildly antiquated, some less-common word choices. Interesting how that "settling in" happens over time.

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David P. King said...

I could use a good group session with my characters. Kiefan sounds like a character I could root for. :)

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