Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MBTI #4: Introverts and Extroverts

It's important to point out that Introvert vs. Extrovert has nothing to do with shyness, confidence, or social skills. Introvert/Extrovert, here, refers to what energizes a person. Extroverts can be shy. Introverts can be great at parties. Read on...

Introverts "recharge their batteries" by being alone. Extroverts "recharge" by being around other people.

"You know you're an introvert when..."
"You know you're an extrovert when..."

Introverted attitudes view the outer world in terms of the self's subjective ideal, so they attempt to make the outer world more like the inner self. Their focus is deeper but less expansive--they can see all the implications of one idea at a time.

Extroverted attitudes view the inner world in terms of the non-self's objective ideal, so they attempt to make the inner self more like the outer world. Their focus is broader but more shallow--they can see a wide range of different information at once, but in less detail.

At a glance, those might not seem like they're talking about the same thing as my "over-simplification" above, but it's the same inward/outward dichotomy.

Further thoughts
Everybody needs a certain amount of socializing. We all want companionship, attention, and love. Some people need a lot. For others, a little goes a long way.

Introverts can be confident, bold, they can get up on stage and perform, spend hours at a party talking to strangers -- but at some point, they need alone time to recuperate. To recharge.

Extroverts can be shy and private. They can work alone, even enjoy solitude, but at some point they need people time to recuperate and recharge.

This is a heavy influence on one's dominant function, which is why the I/E in the MBTI label tells you which direction the dominant function points. Looking at the definitions in the T/F and N/S posts, you can see that the "e" versions all focus on the outside world and the "i" versions are inward-focused.

Your secondary function is always pointed in the opposite direction. However introverted you are, you still need to interact with the outside world. However extroverted, you're still an individual and not a collective.

The general population is just about evenly split between Extroverts (49%) and Introverts (51%).

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