Thursday, April 4, 2013

Index of blog tour posts, April 2013

During my last few blog tours, I've written guest posts about aspects of Disciple's world, a few character interviews, a bunch of interviews... some of the interviews were fairly good, I thought (like Kiefan's interview over at COP,) but I've always figured that the world-building posts were primarily for writers. If that.

In all the recent talk about blogging as a writer, I expected someone to mention the "ghetto" aspect. We're a niche, with our specialized interests and jargon. Readers don't have the same interests as writers, so why would they come in here looking for books? But writers are readers, people answer -- which is true. Maybe most writers recommend stuff they like to non-writer-friends, and it's just me that's too asocial for that.

But anyway. Here's an index of world-building and other writerly posts from my April, 2013 blog tour.  I will update it as I go.

Hair Symbolism
MBTI and character development (this is an intro-level post for that MBTI series I've been meaning to do.)
Pop culture vs. historical medieval culture
Inheritance in Wodenberg (similar to what's in the appendix of Disciple, Part II)
Pre-industrial first aid kid
Magic for the saints of war
3 tips for realistic dialogue
Butt In Chair
Deliberate structure choices

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