Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Public Service Announcement

Now that we're into the query feedback portion of School's In (over at Unicorn Bell), I dutifully went to post feedback on the submitted queries... and Blogger ate my post.

I grumbled, retyped it, made sure to specify I was using my Google profile, hit the button and... it ate it again.

A few dozen more tries on different entries, using my WordPress ID, and then trying to comment on my own blog... nothing. Blogger won't post any of my comments.

The help FAQ was no help, so I Googled the problem and eventually found this blog post. I switched my blog's settings, under "Comment Location," to "Pop-up window" -- and lo! I can comment on my own blog again!

Here's a screen grab of changing that setting (click to embiggen):

All bloggers wish they got more comments -- how many have you missed out on because someone wrote a comment, clicked, and it disappeared? 

It just happened to me over on another blog. I didn't go through the trouble of finding the blogger's email to tell them there's a problem. Commenting is a knee-jerk thing, usually, so who's going to take the time to do that?

Go fix it!


Alicia C. said...

My problem with comments is that it looks like they post twice when you post them. So then the person (ie ME...) deletes them...thereby deleting all of them. And the whole thing spirals out of control! sometimes if I refresh the page it helps, sometimes not. Argh. Blogger is a hot mess!

Alicia C. said...

Ps...this is on my blog...not on yours, and I suspect has to do with the template that I'm using and refuse (stubbornly) to change as I really like how it looks.

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