Thursday, August 9, 2012

Next Week at Unicorn Bell

The Study Hall phase of the query contest at Unicorn Bell begins on Monday! They gave me the first posting slot, so I spent yesterday polishing that up rather than work on a blog post here.

I also spent yesterday finishing the first chunk of Disciple, Part V so I can put it aside and focus on publishing Part I for a while. And there was a birthday in there too.

Maybe I'll sneak in some revisions to Part IV in the meantime -- the feedback I got from the one beta has been weighing on my mind lately. IV's been suffering a bout of pile-of-crap-itis and it needs to be tackled and worked out. And I'll plot out the rest of Part V. It's good to be busy, but it's feeling more like stress now that I've decided to publish. :)

Need to work on my blog for the book, too! 

Hope your summer is going well -- keep cool!

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