Thursday, May 10, 2012

The influence of poll results

I posted a poll in the sidebar for a week -- and then on a suspicion that maybe most people are reading my blog through an RSS feed and thus never see the sidebar, I put it in a post for a while. The results of that experiment  indicate that I may be right, so I'll put any future polls in a post.

In the poll, I asked what people came here to read. It was a multiple-check poll, so people could choose all their faves.

Ain't that the truth

The tie for first place goes to my writing posts and my science fiction world-building posts. Next: samples of my writing, and then the character interviews. A write-in vote went to "rants about creative issues."

So I will keep talking about writing. Since I'm in the middle of a fantasy story, science fiction world-building isn't on my mind so much but I will try to keep posting about that too.

Writing samples, fair enough -- I will leave my two sample scenes up for a while longer (See the page tabs above. Links for feed readers: Hard scifi or Fantasy) and you can find more bits via my "samples" tag (link).

Character interviews (link to tag), okay, I will keep doing those too.  And I'll rant when the spirit moves me. :D

I will keep the talk about music, non-fiction books, memes, and the fantasy world-building (they didn't get any votes -- shrugs -- if you want to see them, speak up!) to a minimum.

If you don't like my poll results for whatever reason, comment! Or email me. My addy is in my profile. 

Other announcements

I have been invited to contribute to Unicorn Bell's plans for world domination critiquing forum. Which means I will be hosting for a week at a time every so often, talking about writing and asking people to send stuff for critting. (I have a little something posted there for crit right now, in fact.)

I've got time until my first week on duty there, but I'm tossing around ideas of what to talk about and crit. Dialogue, maybe? Plotting? Would people want their outline critted? Maybe a query/synopsis crit?

I'm open to suggestions.


Charity Bradford said...

You do a great job with world building and I don't think we've talked about that over there. Could be an idea. ;)

We are so excited to have you with us!

L. Blankenship said...

Must ponder: how does one crit world-building...

Libby said...

Weird, not a real reply but I can't seem to find the comment box today. You could always critique first pages of WIP's as well. :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Congratulations on joining the Unicorn's Bell! I popped in from Bluestockings blog where she RAOK Blitzed you. :)

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