Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Late to post this week.

Late to post this week. Expensive morning, but also got some freelance work done. Writing has been slowing down as I get to the big, important scenes at the end and I start to see what needs to be added to the first half or so. Finally getting a clear idea of what the major character arc needs.

Yeah, wrote 60K on just a secondary character arc and the underlying structure that's provided by "the job" that the characters have signed on for. At least this story won't have the "too-short" problem that Hacker's Reboot has.

Speaking of which, I need to start revising that. I'd like to submit it to the Suvudu contest and maybe to Angry Robot during their open house month. Both in March. Note to self, check on multiple subs policy for both...

Anyhow, the WIP. I have a short list of possible titles... I'm not so good at titles, honestly. Course Corrections may fit. It's got several of those.

Posted my SF/H short story "The Rookery" in the AW share-your-work forum and got some lovely compliments. Maybe that deserves an attempt at a magazine.

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