Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another year's progress, 2013 edition

I don't usually get retrospective at the end of the year -- I have random attacks of it. I suppose it's reasonable that randomness would line up with year's end once in a while. 2013 has been a busy year.

Looking back on a year's journey.
Photo by Sara Moses, available @ sxc.hu
Self-published two books.

Made major changes in my life.

Spoke as a writer, for the first time, at a workshop.

Started offering my services as a graphic designer, ebook converter, and proofer.

Wrote two novellas, two short stories, working on a third novella, and made major revisions to manuscripts from previous years. 160,000 words written in 2013 may sound like a lot... well, it is a lot, okay, but it's only about half what I wrote in 2012. I lost at least a month over the summer to hang-ups with my second publication, and was in the doldrums through the autumn. Still struggling for focus, to be honest, with my WIP.

But it was a good year. In 2014, I intend to...

Keep critiquing over at Unicorn Bell. My next week at the helm starts on the 6th -- get your 1,500 words in! (see the sidebar for where to send it)

Keep participating in the monthly Indie Life blogfest. I want self-publishers to have an accurate idea of the work involved -- and the rewards too. Those are in here somewhere, lol.

Self-publish at least two books, plus the Disciple Half-Omnibus. Look for that on February 1st and Disciple, Part IV on March 1st.

Send Hawks & Rams around to small presses and see if there's any interest.

Finish my WIP, revise it and the other two Jupiter Frontier stories, and see if I can get the idea codenamed "Bloodmagic" into a writable shape (it's feeling like a monster, but considering how I write that may just mean it's an actual novel, not a novella.) Tackle some of the hibernating ideas like "Continuum." Who knows. Anything could happen.

See you in the new year!

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