Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Drat, it's not Indie Life day yet

So far, moving my writing time to the afternoon has been working out. I'm not exactly zooming along, but I'm making progress.

And I have surprisingly little to say about it, thus far. The transition from my fantasy voice to my science fiction voice is in progress. I've got a lot of uncertainties about how this story will be structured -- there's a lot to tell in flashbacks, and that's a bit outside my comfort zone. It may be a chance to play with telling the story in a less than linear fashion, but that's not something I had really considered doing.

My life is full of distractions, too. Despite having taken steps to simplify my life, things are now more complicated. Or at least more time consuming. It figures.

Anyhow, tune in next week for Indie Life. It's been nice to get lots of page hits from those posts, but I'm not sure what I'll talk about this time. Is there anything related to my self-publishing experiences that you'd like to hear about?

1 comment:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You could always blog tomorrow for the IWSG if you can't wait!

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