Thursday, February 7, 2013

The writer's weird brain

I finished the prologue to Disciple on the 2nd, which right now is five days ago. Withdrawal is setting in.

LOL, writing withdrawal, how amusing...

I'm a night-time writer. I get in my words, post them on Twitter, check an email box or two, and go to bed. The night I finished, it had not been much work to do. That very night, I had a dream. A significant dream? No. But when I'm writing, I don't dream at all -- or, at least, I never remember dreaming.

After a few days (that would be starting last night) I start having trouble falling asleep. My brain sits there babbling at me nonstop, if I haven't tired it out enough. There are options, of course, but writing is my poison of choice.

And then there's... the darkness. The ruminating. Circling around my various websites, desperate for a distraction. Running in circles like a rat in a small cage, feeling the wire mesh against my skin. All the claustrophobic angst of that moment in LOTR when Gandalf reads from the journal in Balin's tomb: We cannot get out. They are coming.

Overly dramatic... yeah, that's why I don't talk about this stuff much. But my blogging tank has been pretty empty lately. Once I can get started on revisions to Part VI, things will settle down. And I have a handful of new characters to work on developing, but not a new world. If my muse wants to insist on foisting an m/m romance on me, I can set it in the Saints of War universe if I want to.

Side note: I'm titling the prologue Fire's First Kiss. It was either that or Vomit's First Heave, which I suspect would not work in its favor. My first impression is that it might be a bit too graphic -- which might sound unlikely to some people, but... well, Kate's in a battlefield surgery, Kiefan's leading a cavalry charge, and Anders is in full bad-boy mode. We'll see how it looks after a few weeks of cooling down.


Liz said...

So that was my mistake? All those years of not being able to fall asleep, what I should have been doing was writing before bed?

But then I discovered melatonin, and sleep hasn't been a problem since (even after I stopped taking the melatonin more than five years ago).

I find when I need to write (to keep up my self-imposed quotas), I'll write rambling journal entries or stories that have nothing to do with my story of the moment. Because sometimes we just need space from our novel of the moment.

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

Who are you callin' weird? Weirdo. :P

L. Blankenship said...

@Michael :P****

@Liz Interesting that the effects stayed after you stopped taking the melatonin. I hadn't heard that it did that.

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