Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spending the week at Unicorn Bell

They let me have a second week, so I guess it didn't go too badly last time... I will be blathering about plot over at Unicorn Bell this week.

Handy index of posts for the future:
#1 The five parts of a plot
#2 Walking backwards from the climax
#3 Plotting the way down the mountain
#4 Where the climb began
#5 Which domino fell first?
#6 Wrapping it up

<-- One more week and I will stop pestering everybody about this! Plan B will go into effect over at the book blog, Disciples of the fount. Stay tuned.


Alicia C. said...

Are you all funded!!?? That's awesome! How exciting! Or am I reading that wrong...? Good luck this week at UB! Looking forward to your posts, as usual.

L. Blankenship said...

Yes, I'm funded! And we can keep going -- I'm expected to hand out more goodies if I exceed my funding goal :D

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