Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music addictions

Translation: filler post, L's misplaced her brain again but she can always find something to say about music. Wishing everybody happy holidays, safe travels, no power outages and securely backed up music libraries.

Things made clear to me by my loss of my entire iTunes library... I sorely missed the following bands' music:

VAST. Recovered Music for People, Visual Audio Sensory Theater, and the double album Turquoise & Crimson. Re-ripped Nude from the disc. That covers most of his best stuff,  but I still want April and Me and You back.

Live. I cannot function without some Live in my playlist. Recovered Secret Samadhi and Throwing Copper, and can re-rip V. I keep Birds of Pray and Distance to Here on the CD jukebox, just for variety.

Linkin Park. Got my Hybrid Theory and Meteora back and Reanimation was the very first CD I re-ripped. Note to self: need more Linkin Park albums.

The XX. These kids only have one album, but damn I missed it. Bought it off Amazon and fortunately I had put it on their cloud storage system.

Sigur Ros. They're a recent discovery for me, but I had put the entire album Takk... onto my Saints of War soundtrack -- I love the epic scale that some of the songs achieve.  The handful of tracks I scavenged pirated collected to decide if I liked them probably won't be coming back though. Note to self: need more Sigur Ros.

Boards of Canada. This cornerstone of my ambient collection has been gutted by the crash. I saved a few tracks that happened to be on my iPod at the time. Depressed about this.

"Moonlight Shadow" remixes. It may sound silly, but I had a kick-ass collection of all the remixes of "Moonlight Shadow" (originally created by Mike Oldfield) I could find. I had twenty of them. All gone. Depressing. So I went to SoundCloud looking for new ones. Found a few worth having.

Then I got distracted looking for remixes of specific songs, like the Pet Shop Boys' "Love, Etc." and "Home and Dry." The Church's "Under the Milky Way." Ooo, they must have Depeche Mode remixes too, somewhere...

Life goes on.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, so few people even know of the band Vast! I've followed them since the late 90's.
And really sorry you lost your iTunes library...

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