Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That elusive first draft, again

Technically, I wrote "The End" to Orbital Shifts a couple nights ago (I suspect there will be an epilogue, but that can wait) but I rushed straight back to the beginning to do everything I now know I need to do. This isn't unusual for me. I blogged about it when I finished Course Corrections.

The unusual part, this time, is that this is a sequel. Like any other book, I have to create tension, point out the goals, start the conflicts. But then there's the question of introductions for the characters and the world. Can't assume my readers read Course Corrections (especially as it's unpublished and all). And it's good to refresh the memory if there is a returning (beta) reader or two.

Halloween Clipart Images
I found this picture of eyeballs because I wanted to say something about how readers (like myself) can totally miss something that was right there on the page. You (the writer) invest hours of blood, sweat and tears and then the reader blows right past it because the cat started hurking in the next room or something.

Character intros, worldbuilding, brilliant dialogue... is that the cat? is he going to barf on the chair again? Did I read this part already?

But now the idea has gotten away from me and it's too hot to be chasing anything. But I like the eyeballs, so here they are.

I will return to blogging about things I love (characters, worldbuilding) as soon as I can. My brain has been tapioca lately. Things that could qualify as "complicated" have been going on in that "real life" place. Bother, as Pooh would say.

Keep cool, you all. Or warm if you're an Aussie.

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The Golden Eagle said...

I'm sorry to hear it's so hot where you are. It's warm here, too--I'm not sure how much, but probably close to 90. Or over.

Good luck with your WIP!

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