Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Report

I have posted my book report for Eon over at Worlds Unimagined. Yummy hard science fiction, even with its Cold War-era assumptions. The Berlin Wall fell when I was a college freshman, so it was interesting to me how easily I slipped back into that US vs. USSR mentality... and how odd it felt, at the same time.

Also missed my highway exit and was ten minutes late to work today. Thanks for distracting me, Ping. Though yeah, we do need to figure out how to end this story.


Libby said...

Ping has become a major distraction, I bet it's totally worth it!

L. said...

Always worth it. :D

And the randomly late for work bit just contributes to my distracted, otherworldly artiste-ness.


I'm a boring person IRL. Srsly.

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